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Rainbow Springs Florida
Grumbles House Antiques and Garden Shop is the cornerstone of the Historic Village Shops of Dunnellon.  Open 7 days a week, the beautiful 104 year old two story house is the perfect setting for shopping trips in the neighborhood, beginning with the hospitality. Refreshments are frequently served and customers are encouraged to explore the grounds which include a lush courtyard with a fountain and a probably 130 year old campher tree. Connected to the main house by a wood crosswalk is a 1942 army barracks that was built at Dunnellon Airport during WWII.  The building was cut in half in 1947 brought into town where it lived until the late 1990s.  When threatened with demise, Dane Myers "saved it" and moved it to the current location where it now houses treasures and adds to the quaint atmosphere of the gardens. The main house boasts 5 fireplaces, a beautiful staircase, transom windows and gorgeous paneled pocket doors in the "drawing rooms" at the front of the house.  Tenderly filled with a fun selection of antiques, gifts,and home decor Grumbles House has very reasonable prices and a friendly, helpful staff (especially in the garden where tons of growing information is diseminated daily). Some days you may find live music there, other days an art class or gardening workshop.  That's why the slogans "Grumbles House, ALWAYS something different going on" and "Grumbles House, everything from tacky to wonderful".   Open 7 days a week; Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays 12 noon to 4 pm.  Visit the webpage at: dunnellonfloridaantiques.com and follow Grumbles on Facebook.  Sign up in store for their monthly email newsletter to find out what's new, what events are coming up and what's on sale. Florida Antiques
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Rainbow Springs Shopping
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